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At Ballaré we follow the syllabus of the ISTD – Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance.  Not all dance exam boards are the same. At professional and vocational dance schools only the ISTD and the RAD are taught, and these two prestigious dance syllabi are the leading dance examination providers in the UK, and are taught and examined worldwide.

We have teachers qualified to enter students in ballet, tap and modern exams with the ISTD, which provides a wonderful structure of training, and a strong technical foundation for other free work dance genres.

The ISTD’s exams are in line with the UK’s Qualifications and Credit Framework, therefore any exam from Grade 6 merits the student with UCAS points that can be used on University applications.

Exams start from age 6, and students are entered by their subject teacher once they have learnt and can perform all the work in their grade to a good standard, without assistance. Exams are held every year, and require 2-3 mock coaching lessons in the lead up, in addition to your regular weekly class. On the exam day we send you in looking very smart as this is an important part of dance training. You perform your exercises for an external examiner who comes to us specially, and then wait a few weeks to receive your result.

Ballaré School of Performing Arts has a 100% pass rate for dance exams.

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