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Every year there are a few local dance festivals, in which pupils who are very capable dancers and good performers, can compete with a variety of dance styles.

Teachers invite students to learn a solo or duet, and these are done separately in private lessons.

Lots of our students have had great success and although many medals have been won on our behalf, we do stress that the experience of performing is the main aim, and the sense of supporting our fellow dancers.


We currently enter 4 festivals a year in the South West:

February - North Cornwall

March - Torbay

May - Taunton

July - Plymouth

Gracie Giles North Cornwall Dance Festiv

In addition to local competitions, we enter some bigger, national level competitions held by the ISTD.  Each year we select pupils to represent us at:

  • Junior Ballet Awards

  • Senior Ballet Awards

  • Star Tap Awards

  • Janet Cram Awards

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